How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps
How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps

How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps

A player can place bets on a game based on the total number of goals at the end of a match. This is popularly known as Over or under betting or total goals betting. This kind of betting can be used for games whose scores are derived from the accumulation of goals or points such as tennis, basketball or soccer. Despite using the same unit, these bets do not translate to the same results. To be successful at this kind of betting, you should first understand how to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps. At a gaming event, bookmakers can set a betting line on the match upon which the punters can choose to use either under or over of that bet. When the line set by the bookmakers is at 2.5, a bettor proceeds to place an under 2.5 or over 2.5 bet.

How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps

By placing an under 2.5 bet, the punter submits and commits themselves to winning entirely on a match ending with a total of 2 goals or less. They will also loose when the match ends with a final score of 3 or above goals. Punters would also have half reimbursement and either lose the other half or have it multiplied by the quota. This follows a half loss or a half win respectively, implying the match ended with exact 2 goals.

Know the type of game involved

For soccer games, suppose there is a match between team X and team Z. The sports betting odds assigned to these teams are under 1.5 = @1.80/ over 1.5 = @1.75.

Therefore, when a player places a stake worth $1000 they get a total $1800 if the match ends with a sum total of 1 or 0 goals and lose upon any other different results. The punter thus ends up with a $800 profit. A bet placed on over 1.5 means that a stake of $1000 would garner a $750 profit if the match ends with more than two goals. Should the final total be exactly 1 or less than 1 this translates into a loss.

How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps
How to bet on Over or Under with three simple steps

When the under or over bet is placed on a basketball game, everything remains the same as with other sports that can use this type of betting. The only exception is the pay lines. An example will be much more practical in explaining this concept.

T vs R – under 160 = @1.81 – over 160 = @1.81

Using $100 to bet on under 160 results into a profit of 81 as the stakes will bring $181 in returns should the game end with any score below 160. However, should the game end with more than 160 points the stake is lost. Your stake is reinstated should the game end at exactly 160 points.

From the soccer and online betting basketball under or over betting, we have seen that it is important to understand the rules that govern this kind of betting for each kind of game. At times over time may be considered in this bet for specific leagues.

Place your bet

Once you have acquired enough information about the specific sports gambling you want to bet on and proceeded to understand the over and under bets and odds used for each given option, the only thing remaining is placing your stakes and waiting for your results once the betting time matures. These two steps clearly bring out the difference between two people who place bets. Of the two, the mere gambler would know more about the odd while the sports fan will have more information concerning the teams involved and the expected performance of the match.


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